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Category(ies): Policies, Good Practices
Topic(s) & Sub-Topic(s): Career Path
  •  Monitoring teacher effectiveness
  •  Professional Ladder
Country: Canada, Jamaica
Title: Technical Collaboration to Empower the Jamaica Teaching Council to refine its Teacher Appraisal System - ITEN TECHNICAL COOPERATION EXCHANGES 2nd Edition: 2016-2018 SUMMARY REPORT
Author: Jamaica Teaching Council of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Education of Jamaica and the Ontario Ministry of Education, Canada
Summary: The purpose of the technical cooperation is to receive first-hand, on-site experience on how to design and implement a comprehensive (evidence based) Appraisal System for educators (Teachers/Principals/Vice Principals/Guidance Counsellors); emphasizing teacher development and that will result in improvements in teaching and learning and good governance of the teaching profession. It is expected that effectiveness will be achieved through empowering JTC staff to develop and implement an Appraisal System consistent with the context of the Jamaican education system.
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Publishing House: OAS-ITEN
Year of Publication: 2018
Upload date: 5/7/2018

What transformation/reform does this initiative pursue?

What policy/practice has been put in place to achieve this change?

What evidence exists to demonstrate that this intervention is having the desired result?

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Keywords: Teacher quality and learning outcomes, Teacher effectiveness, Teacher competency
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