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Country: All OAS member states
Title: Webinar: Learning Better: Public Policy for Skills Development
Author: Dr. Julián Cristia
Summary: This webinar focuses on the new edition of the Development in the Americas (DIA) series, the flagship publication of the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB). This year’s edition, titled Learning Better: Public Policy for Skills Development, contends that unless the region develops the skills of its labor force it will be hard pressed to compete in today’s rapidly-changing, technological world. It recognizes that learning during the early years is vitally important but argues that learning opportunities are available throughout a lifetime. Importantly, it dismisses the notion that money is the only, or even the main, answer. Instead, it suggests that a review of the evidence can point the way toward cost-effective policies that better prepare citizens, firms, and countries to meet the challenges of an increasingly competitive economic environment.
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Publishing House: ITEN
Year of Publication: 2017
Upload date: 12/21/2017

What transformation/reform does this initiative pursue?

What policy/practice has been put in place to achieve this change?

What evidence exists to demonstrate that this intervention is having the desired result?

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Keywords: Teacher quality and learning outcomes, Teacher effectiveness, Teacher competency , Latin America, The Caribbean
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