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Rumiñahaui was an Inca warrior after the death of Emperor Atahualpa. He led the resistance against the Spanish in the northern half of what was the Inca Empire and today is Ecuador. His real name is Ati Pillahuaso although he was given the nickname Rumiñahaui meaning “stone-eyed” in Quechua – an indigenous language in Ecuador. Rumiñahaui is said to have been related to the late Atahualpa and although he tried to avenge Atahualpa’s kidnapping by Francisco Pizarro, he was defeated in battle beneath Mount Chimborazo. Inca historians believe Rumiñahaui buried large amounts of gold in outside of Quito, which he burned to the ground before the Spanish could take siege. To this day, the whereabouts of the gold is unknown.








Updated: 9 April 2008

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