The Inter-American Committee on Ports (CIP) of the Organization of the American States (OAS) has as its objective to serve as a permanent Inter-American forum of the Member States of the Organization, for the strengthening of hemispheric cooperation in the area of port sector development, with the active cooperation and collaboration of the private sector.
Its functions and attributes are:

  • To act as the principal advisory organ of the Organization and its Member States in all topics concerning port-sector development.
  • To propose and promote hemispheric cooperation policies in port-sector development, in accordance with the guidelines from the General Assembly and CIDI, as well as from the Summits of the Americas.
  • To examine and propose solutions to common port-sector problems.
  • To facilitate and promote the development and improvement of port-sector activities in the hemisphere.
  • To propose strategies to attract and mobilize additional resources to finance partnership-for-development programs, projects and activities in the port sector.
  • To promote the development of joint projects among the port-sector entities of Member States.
  • To promote the adoption of cooperation agreements pertaining to the port sector among the governments of Member States.
  • To generate, analyze, propose and adopt programs, projects and activities on port sector matters.

The committee fulfills its objectives, performs its functions, and exercises its powers through its meetings, as well as meetings of the Executive Board and the technical Advisory Groups (TAG), with the support of the general secretariat of the Organization.