What are the TAGs?

The Technical Advisory Groups (TAGs) are organs of the Inter-American Committee on Ports (CIP), whose primary objective is to provide technical advice to the Committee on specific aspects of hemispheric port sector development. The Committee, at its regular meetings, shall establish the TAGs that it deems necessary to fulfill its objectives and shall define specific mandates for each TAG.

In the I CIP Meeting of Guatemala in 1999 the following three TAGs were established:

• Port Operations ((Resolution CIDI/CIP/Res.3 (I-99))
• Port Security (Resolution CIDI/CIP/Res.4 (I-99))
• Navigation Safety and Environmental Protection (Resolution CIDI/CIP/Res.5 (I-99))*

The TAG Navigation Safety and Environmental Protection no longer exists, and it was divided in 2 specific ones (Resolution CIDI/CIP/RES. 56 (IV-05).
In the IV CIP Meeting of Venezuela in 2005 the following TAGs were established:

• Navigation Safety (Resolution CIDI/CIP/RES. 58 (IV-05))
• Environmental Protection (Resolution CIDI/CIP/RES. 57 (IV-05))