First OAS Seminar on the Caribbean

(Washington DC January 18th, 2007)

“Bringing the Caribbean’s Sustainable Development Agenda to Washington”

The first Seminar on the Caribbean was held at the OAS. The Seminar featured Dr. Kenrick Leslie and Dr. Neville Trotz, Executive Director and Technical Advisor respectively, of the Caribbean Community Climate Change Centre and Mr. Walter Vergara of the Latin America and Caribbean Division of the World Bank.

The Seminar addressed the response of the Caribbean region to climate variability and climate change. The panelists reviewed the more recent scientific opinion and research on global climate change; highlighted the manifestations of the phenomena in the Caribbean region; and reviewed the outcomes of planning and adaptation programs in the Caribbean.

Press Release


Climate Change Impacts in the Caribbean, Carlos Fuller, Deputy Director, Caricom Climate Change Center. (2,540 KB)



Addressing Climate Change and Climate Variability in the Caribbean, Dr. Kenrick R. Leslie, Executive Director Caricom Climate Change Center. (232 KB)



Linking Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency to Security and Climate Change in the Caribbean, Mark Lambrides, Energy Division Director, OAS Department of Sustainable Development. (1,675 KB)



Caribbean Approaches to Capacity Building for Adaptation, Dr. Neville Trotz, Technical Advisor, Caribbean Community Climate Change Centre. (154 KB)



The consequences of climate change in the Americas: Activities, lessons learned and recommendations for further work in Latin America, Walter Vergara, Latin America and Caribbean Division, World Bank. (1,711 KB)





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