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During the period 1970-1975, the Program of Regional Development of the Organization of American States and the Government of Argentina conducted regional development studies of the Bermejo River Basin in Northern Argentina and, in 1976 developed a methodology of river basin planning to consider the environmental ramifications of development using the Río Bermejo investigation as a case study. This paper presents that methodology. It includes comments on the relationship between environment, development and river basin planning (Chapter 1) and recommends (Chapter 2) that an environmental quality objective be included in the planning exercise; that environmental concerns receive explicit consideration; that the dynamics and interactions affecting the system be considered; that interdisciplinary teams be involved; that the planning effort be closely coordinated with other planning entities having interest in the area; that the public, in some form, participate; that alternatives be formulated and that these include some that do not foreclose other potential development options; that the adverse and beneficial inputs of the proposed alternatives be assigned economic values where possible; and, that they be displayed for the use of the decision maker.

Chapter 3 suggests that environmental concerns are best taken care of thru integrated planning and outlines a methodology for river basin planning based on systems analysis.

Chapter 4 presents a model for the evaluation and display of environmetal impacts which may be used at early planning stages. Chapters 5 and 6 compare the methodology used in the Río Bermejo investigations to that suggested by the pilot study.

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