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This is a DRAFT Plan and Policy for a System of National Parks and Protected Areas. National input has been sought from the following agencies and individuals in the preparation of this document:


Ministry of Agriculture, Tourism and External Affairs


- Hon. Ben Jones

Permanent Secretary

- Mr. Osbert Benjamin

Planning Unit

- Mr. Peter Antoine

- Mr. James Finlay

Department of Forestry

- Dr. Michael Adams

- Mr. Augustus Thomas

Manager of National Parks and Wildlife

- Mr. George Vincent

Department of Tourism

- Ms. Pauline Andrew

- Ms. Diana Taylor

- Ms. Jane Belfon

- Ms. A. M. Marryshow

- Ms. Sonia Fletcher

Division of Extension

- Mr. Orgias Campbell

- Mr. Samuel Joseph

- Mr. Gregory Hagley

- Mr. Roy St. Bernard

Division of Horticulture

- Mr. Keith St. Bernard

Division of Information

- Ms. Denise Peters

Division of Land Use and Water Resources

- Mr. Charles Francis

- Mr. Michael Mason

- Mr. Trevor Thompson

Division of Lands and Surveys

- Mr. Sylvester Sandy

Fisheries Management Unit

- Mr. Raymond Steele


Curriculum Development Unit

- Ms. Miona Charles

- Ms. Jean Brizan

Institute for Further Education

- Mr. Sammy Brathwaite

- Ms. Jacinta D'Arbeau

Central Water Commission

- Mr. Denis Campbell

National Science and Technology Council


- Dr. Kenneth Buckmire


- Dr. James Pitt

- Mr. Percival Craig

Private Agencies and Individuals

The Historical Society and National Trust - Grenada


- Mr. John Watts

- Mr. & Mrs. Alister Hughes

- Mr. William Redhead

The Historical Society - Carriacou

- Mr. & Mrs. Edward Kent

- Ms. Frances Kay Brinkley

The Grenada Hotel Association


- Mr. Andre Cherman


- Ms. Gillian Thompson

- Ms. Elizabeth Gormon

National Landmarks Steering Committee

- Mr. Edward Frederick

Naturalist Guide

- Mr. Telford Bedeau

Wildlife Conservationist

- Mr. Beresford Wilcox

United States Peace Corps

- Mr. Bruce Johnson

- Mr. Jim West

- Mr. Matthew Lavington

- Mr. Craig Payne


Mr. Kirk P. Rodgers

- Director,
Department of Regional Development (DRD)

Mr. Todd Payne

- Acting Director,
Office of the General Secretariat of the O.A.S. in Grenada.

Mr. Patricio Chellew

- Chief, Division III,

Dr. Richard Saunier

- Senior Environmental
Management Advisor,

Dr. Richard Meganck

- Senior Natural Resources Specialist, O.A.S./DRD

Mr. Richard Huber

- Natural Resource Specialist/
Project Chief, O.A.S./DRD,

Mr. Craig MacFarland

- O.A.S. Consultant
Protected Areas Planner.

Ms. Brenda Gibbs
Ms. Gail Joseph

- O.A.S. Project Secretaries

Mr. Michael Steele

- O.A.S. Consultant
Graphic Artist
Cover Designs, Maps and Blackline Drawings

Written by:

Mr. Richard Huber
Mr. George Vincent
Mr. Craig MacFarland
Dr. Richard Meganck

We wish to thank the National Computer Centre for the use of their computer and laser printer in the production of this report.

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