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Water Policy in the Americas Roundtable

About the Water Policy Round Tables

From October 1999 to June 2001, FIDA hosted with IWRN informal informal policy roundtables among experts and officials working on water policy formulation and implementation in the Americas at the Organization of American States - Unit for Sustainable Development and Environment.

This monthly series was designed to provide an opportunity for those interested in water policy in the region to exchange experiences, discuss ongoing projects, examine priorities for action, and promote cooperative effort. The agenda was set each month based on participants’ interests and included dialogue on policy options and policy initiatives at the national and regional level.
While the roundtables were designed principally to inform the Washington-based policy community, experts from the region were also asked to join the discussion and report on ongoing initiatives whenever possible. Minutes of the meetings, along with copies of relevant materials that were distributed at meetings, are available by clicking here.

Dialogue co-conveners of this informal monthly dialog include the Inter-American Water Resources Network (IWRN) and offices of the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), the World Bank, and the US Agency for International Development (USAID).

Executive summaries
by Claire Bienvenu

Implications of Water Scarcity
Water Scarcity, Water Resources Management, and Hydrological Monitoring
Water Scarcity and Regional Security in Latin America

Water Resources: Infrastructure and Integrated Water Resource Management
Latin American Irrigation Issues and Water Resources Management
Is there a Future for Dams?
Integrated Economic-Hydrologic Water Modeling at the Basin Scale: The Maipo River Basin

Water and Energy: Fueling Water Systems
Water, Energy, and Sustainable Development
Renewable Energy Alternatives for Water Delivery Systems
Linking Water and Energy Sectors for Sustainable Groundwater Use

Analyzing the Privatization of Water Systems
Privatization and the Environmental and Economic Impacts
Institutions, Politics, and Contracts: The Attempt to Privatize the Water and Sanitation Utility of Lima, Peru

The Decentralization of Water Services
Promoting Watershed Management in the Context of Decentralized Water Services: Harmonizing Legal and Institutional Frameworks
Decentralization of Water Supply and Sanitation Services in Latin America
Decentralization and Reform of the Water Sector

Water Access and Equity
Review of Global Strategies in Freshwater: Making Water Everybody’s Business

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