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Cultural Diversity
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Date:  6/18/2010 
Canada has served two consecutive terms as Chair of the Inter-American Committee on Culture (CIC) and was elected as Vice-Chair of the CIC in November 2009. Canada has been very active in working towards the development of effective cultural policy that promotes youth engagement, economic growth, and social cohesion in the Americas. In addition, Canada supports inter-cultural dialogue through exchanges and study tours for students from countries in the region. For example, Canada’s Student Mobility Support Program supports organizations willing to offer international students the opportunity to advance their understanding of Canada, or to learn more about shared policy challenges between Canada and the international student's country.

The Government of Canada recognizes the significant contribution the Canadian artistic, cultural and heritage sectors make to Canada’s identity and economy, and that special measures are required to ensure access to local cultural content. In 2009-2010, Canada delivered programs and services in the form of grants, contributions, tax credits, and policies, regulatory and legislative measures to:
• support arts festivals or performing arts series and improve arts and heritage infrastructure, business and management capacity;
• enable Canadian creators and cultural industries to develop, market and export Canadian cultural content;
• contribute to the preservation and protection of heritage collections and objects; and
• strengthen Aboriginal peoples’ cultural identity.
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