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Date:  3/21/2012 
Effective governance in a major thrust of the Government of Jamaica as clearly articulated in Vision 2030. Therefore, efforts must be taken to improve governance at the local government and community level. This includes:
A. Providing technical and financial support (through a budgetary allocation) to community groups such as community development committees, development area committees and parish development committees.

B. Improving the government’s effectiveness through the Public Sector Modernisation Programme and the Public Sector Master Rationalisation Plan which is being implemented by the Public Sector Transformation Unit in the Cabinet Office.

C. Pursing Local Government Reform with focus on the areas of governance, structure and functions of the local authorities, service delivery, financial management, financing framework, organizational restructuring and institutional capacity strengthening, legal framework, enforcement of municipal laws/regulations, modernization of local authorities and local government systems, and international collaboration.

D. Implementing the “Enhancing Civil Society Participation in Local Governance for Community Safety Programme” which seeks to improve capacity at the Parish level to address community safety issues, build the capacity of local authorities and civil society organizations at the parish level to collaborate in the planning and implementation of safety policy preventive initiatives, and assist with the formulation of tools and instruments for parish level co-ordination and preventative action.

E. Developing a training programme on the development process for community groups and incoming Councillors with assistance from the Commonwealth Fund for Technical Cooperation (CFTC).

F. Establishing a Stakeholder Committee on Local Governance to provide advice and direction on a number of issues which will support governance at the local level.
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