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Development Bank of Latin America (CAF)
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Date:  4/17/2017 
Seguimiento 2017 - Energía Hidroeléctrica
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Date:  4/17/2017 
Seguimiento 2017 - Eficiencia Energética
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Date:  4/17/2017 
Seguimiento 2017 - Patentes
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Date:  6/8/2016 
Regional Energy Agenda

CAF integrates a group of international organizations, which also involves ALADI, ARPEL, ECLAC, CIER, OAS, OLADE and WEC, working in coordination to promote synergies in energy issues in Latin America. The group has focused its efforts in three areas: (1) the implementation of an Energy Efficiency Program, which seeks to develop a market in this area in the region, particularly through the identification of specific projects; (2) a study, launched in 2015 to develop a basis for Strategic Projects Regional Energy Security (PRESER); and (3) the design of a graduate program of Regional Integration at the Latin American Federal Integration University (UNILA) in Brazil.
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Date:  6/8/2016 
Sustainable Hydropower Program

CAF seeks to contribute to the development and sustainable use of the abundant water resources in Latin America, in partnership with national and regional authorities with the responsibility of planning and development of the energy sector. The main purpose of this line of action is to estimate the remaining hydroelectric potential in the countries of the region, through the development of portfolios of hydroelectric projects and support for the rehabilitation of mature hydropower plants.
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Date:  6/8/2016 
Regional Energy Efficiency Program

The CAF Regional Energy Efficiency Program (PREE) promotes the development of an energy efficiency market in Latin America. In this regard, the institution provides loans to strengthen regional energy efficiency both on the supply side, through projects financing the rehabilitation and adaptation of systems of generation, transmission and distribution, and on the demand side by financing companies directly or through intermediaries. Similarly, CAF provides technical assistance for the identification, structuring and monitoring of projects in energy efficiency; training for the preparation of financial instruments; and support for the green business and energy efficiency markets through the institutionalization of a green seal and the certification of carbon footprint standards for companies and their products.
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Date:  6/8/2016 
Regional Initiative on Patents for Development

The CAF Regional Initiative on Patents for Development aims to guide efforts in innovation in Latin America towards patentable technologies in strategic sectors. CAF, in partnership with several public and private institutions, promotes the conceptualization of new patentable technologies through innovative platforms and training and strengthening programs, focusing on the development of technologies with commercial potential, particularly in the energy sector.

In this context CAF is stimulating the development of patents through the identification of problems requiring technological solutions; the launching of regional calls; the evaluation and awarding of patentable technological concepts (CTP); the beginning of the patenting and prototype development processes; and the establishment of incubators. This is complemented by a program of institutional strengthening in patentable technological innovation that supports national and regional institutions to develop and implement strategic plans in the field.
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Date:  6/20/2011 
CAF’s Sustainable Energy Program worked for improvements in the quality and coverage of electricity services by encouraging the development of policies, regulatory actions, commercial strategies, and implementation mechanisms to expand electric coverage. CAF also supported the development of renewable energy sources and energy efficiency, particularly in small-scale hydroelectric plants, biofuels, wind energy, etc.; it also carried out studies and assessments of their potential.
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