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Indigenous Peoples and Peace-Building Experiences
The purpose of this seminar is to discuss and learn about unique conflict resolution and peace-building methods that are used by different indigenous peoples. In order to take advantage of the knowledge, practices, and experiences of the indigenous communities in this field, the Peace Fund has put together a comprehensive program where indigenous leaders will gather to share information and experiences on the different approaches and methodologies that are used by different groups as they confront challenges related to social exclusion, discrimination and injustice. This forum will be open to participation by civil society representatives, government officials, academics, and the media in order to enrich the dialogue on the issue of peace-building from an indigenous perspective.
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Within the framework of the seminar "Indigenous Peoples and Peace-building Experiences," the OAS organized a drawing contest with a group of school children of the Huarina community so that they could depict through colorful illustrations their view of the concept of peace. Prior to the contest OAS representatives visited the Huarina village, located approximately 70 kilometers from La Paz, near the Lake Titicaca, and met with indigenous leaders, school officials and community parents to discuss the initiative and invite them to the ceremony in La Paz where the winners of the contest would be announced following the closing of the seminar. The following drawings won the top five prizes.

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Indigenous People and Peace-Building Experiences
La Paz, Bolivia
August 13-14, 2009
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