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(MIB - OAS Good Offices Mission in Ecuador and Colombia)

The incursion of Colombian military forces into Ecuadorian territory on March 1, 2008, led to the immediate activation of the Inter-American system. A special meeting of the OAS Permanent Council was convened, followed by the 25th Meeting of Consultation of Ministers of Foreign Affairs.

With the aim of seeking the reestablishment of diplomatic relations between Colombia and Ecuador, the 25th Meeting of Consultation of Ministers of Foreign Affairs resolved "to instruct the Secretary General to use his good offices to implement a mechanism for observing compliance with this resolution and the restoration of an atmosphere of trust between the two Parties" [RC.25/Res. 1/08 Rev. 1, resolutive paragraph 7]. These guidelines set by the member states serve as parameters for the duties and actions carried out by the OAS Good Offices Mission in Ecuador and Colombia (MIB/OEA, by its acronym in Spanish).

The specific objectives of the mission's mandate are as follows:

To use its good offices to restore an atmosphere of trust between the two parties and to implement a mechanism to observe the fulfillment of the commitments made under Resolution RC.25/Res. 1/08 Rev 1.

To propose, promote, and coordinate with the states involved the establishment of specific confidence-building measures.

To verify the fulfillment of the commitments made by the states involved, both in the framework of Resolution RC.25/Res. 1/08 Rev 1 and those arising from the confidence-building measures that the parties undertake to implement.



Report of the OAS Commission that visited Ecuador and Colombia

Photo Gallery

OAS Secretay General José Miguel Insulza speaks at the Inter-American Dialogue on the Ecuador-Colombia situation View gallery

The Commission headed by OAS Secretary General José Miguel Insulza visits Angostura, at the border between Ecuador and Colombia View Gallery

OAS Secretary General Jose Miguel Insulza, and other members of the Commission created to bring Ecuador and Colombia closer together, meet with President Rafael Correa View Gallery

Binational Meeting of Water Experts

June 8-9, 2010
Esmeraldas River Basin

As part of the confidence-builiding measures, the OAS Peace Fund facilitated the first technical binational meeting of water experts from Colombia and Ecuador, who gathered in Quito, Ecuador on June 8 and 9, 2010 to identify project development opportunities and priorities in the area of integrated water resources management in the Esmeraldas River Basin. This was a collaborative effort between the Peace Fund, the Department of Sustainable Development and the Colombia-Ecuador Good Offices Mission (MIB-OAS).

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