Appendix 4

Workplan for Natural Hazard Mitigation Plan

1 Hazard Mitigation Workshop
  1. Introduce natural hazard mitigation and mitigation planning
  2. Develop baseline of hazard and resource data
15/5 – 17/5 Consultants: C. Rogers, L. Atwell Completed; Hazard and resource database to be completed
2 Mitigation Committee Workshop
  1. Develop draft workplan
  2. Preliminary outline of mitigation plan
18/5 Consultants: C. Rogers, L. Atwell  
3 Submission of Draft Work Plan   1/6 Consultants: C. Rogers, L. Atwell  
4 Submission of Draft Plan Outline   1/6 Consultants: C. Rogers, L. Atwell  
5 Establish National Mitigation Council   Deadline: Mid July NODS, Local coordinator (assisted by OAS)  
6 Complilation of data on hazards and resources at risk
  1. Compile existing hazard data
  2. Compile existing data on resources at risk
17/5 – 30/7 DCA (P. Harris), NODS (P. Mullin), Planning (A. Henry); Barbuda Council (A. Beazer) Data required for Step 7
7 Hazard / Vulnerability Prioritisation Workshop
  1. Identify data gaps
  2. Prioritise hazards
  3. Identify who to fill gaps
  4. Demonstrate vulnerability assessment methodology
14/8/ - 18/8 Consultant: C. Rogers
  • Participants to be mitigation committee members and other selected technical personnel
8 Terms of reference for hazard mapping assessment contracts
  1. Develop terms of reference for hazard mapping assessment contracts
14/8 – 21/8 C. Rogers, Mitigation Committee, Local Coordinator  
9 Contracts by Project Coordinator to perform hazard assessments
  • Perform hazard assessments f for priority hazards
1/9 – 30/11    
10 Vulnerability Assessment Data Collection
  1. Complete database of resources at risk to priority hazards
19/8 – 31/10 Mitigation Committee  
11 Vulnerability Assessment
  1. Perform detailed vulnerability assessments for priority hazards
1/11– 31/1 Mitigation Committee; Local Consultant
  • To be conducted by local personnel; funding available
  • To clarify and detail responsibility for mapping requirements
12 Capability Assessment and Mitigation Opportunity Analysis


  1. Assess capability of existing systems to execute mitigation activities
  2. Analyse capability assessment results
  3. Identify mitigation opportunities


9/6 – 31/1 Mitigation Committee as follows:
  1. Agriculture, Forestry, Fisheries and Environment and Tourism; Team Leader – Desiree Edwards
  2. Education, Health, Housing and Community Development; Team Leader – Joan Gomes
  3. Planning – Physical and Economic, Disaster agencies, Private sector -
  4. Infrastructure, Utilities- Water, Electricity, Telephone, Sewerage, roads, ports, Protective Services; Team Leader – Victor Meade and Milton Pringle
  • Have to revisit capability assessment and mitigation opportunities analysis
13 Plan Formulation
  1. Establish goals and objectives
  2. Develop strategies, plans, policies and programmes
21/8 – 8/2

21/8 – 28/2

L. Atwell, Mitigation Committee, Local Coordinator. Plan Drafter
  • Week of Feb 1 to 8 for workshop on finalising goals and objectives
14 Submission of Preliminary Components of Plan
  1. Prepare plan introduction (see detailed plan outline), hazard identification, hazard prioritisation, preliminary capability assessment analysis, preliminary identification of mitigation opportunities
30/9 Plan Drafter, Local Coordinator  
15 Draft Plan   21/8 – 28/2 Plan Drafter; Local Coordinator  
16 Public Consultation on Draft Plan
  1. Series of consultations – Antigua, Barbuda, community meetings, interest groups, NGOs etc.
15/3 – 15/4 Mitigation Committee, Local Coordinator in conjunction with Government Information Service
  • 1 month of public consultations culminating in national consultation on 31/3
17 Redraft Plan
  1. Redraft plan
1 6/4 - 31/5 Plan Drafter  
18 Presentation of Final Plan to National Mitigation Council
  1. Present final plan to NMC
19 Handover to Government   30/6    
1 - 19 Public Relations
  1. Establish aggressive public relations campaign to market the plan


15/5/00 - 30/6/01 Mitigation Committee, Local Coordinator in conjunction with Government Information Service Process to occur throughout all stages of plan development