Paulo Cavalcanti

Department of Sustainable Development
Organization of American States

Office in Brasilia, Brazil

SCS Quadra 8 Bloco B-50 Sala 235, Ed. Venancio 2.000

Brasilia-DF / Brasil


Phone: +(54-11) 4803-7606
Fax: +(54-11) 4803-7606

Paulo Cavalcanti is an accountant graduated in 1990. He has courses of Data Processing, Operational Systems, Financial Investments and Markets.

He started working at Fundação Projeto Rondon, in the accountancy and financial areas. He worked in two Brazilian banks in the insurance and investments areas and bank operations.

Mr. Cavalcanti started his activities at OAS in 1989 in the Brazilian Office of SG/OAS. He supervised and managed the office for three years (1995-1997), in services for the projects of technical cooperation of DSD, CICAD, fellowships, Science and Technology, Legal Services and all departments of SG/OAS represented in Brazil.

In 1998, Mr. Cavalcanti was appointed to represent the SG/OAS in Brazil for administrative matters, remaining until 2000, with the main objective of proceeding with the DSD projects. Nowadays he is responsible for the administrative and financial services of the SG/OAS/DSD Brazilian Office, in which he serves the DSD projects and requirements from various departments of SG/OAS, such as Fellowships, Democracy, Drug Abuse Control, Legal Services and others. Because of his work as a Staff member of the OAS and DSD, Mr. Cavalcanti has visited Member States and cities in Brazil.

He is married with Mrs. Rita Celia, a secretary and events organizer.