Lyda Ugas Carro

Division II
Department of Sustainable Development
1889 F Street, NW
Washington, DC 20006
Suite 7209-A

Phone: +(202) 370-4902
Fax: +(202) 370-3560

Lyda joined the Organization of American States in 2000. She has been working with the Guarani Aquifer project since its inception and also provides support to other DSD activities such as the Plata River Basin Project and the ISARM Americas Programme, for which she is assisting in the preparation of an inventory of aquifers in Latin America. Lyda is in charge of different administrative tasks on water related projects. She also acts as Oracle requestor for the Office.

Lyda is of Peruvian nationality and fluently speaks English, Spanish and Portuguese. While in Lima prior joining the OAS, she got a certification from the British Institute in Lima, Peru, becoming a teacher for basic and intermediate levels. During five years she was the manager of a prestigious gym, Pandora, located in Urb. Aurora, Miraflores, where she also was an aerobic trainer.