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G E N E R A L      S E C R E T A R I A T




In exercise of the powers conferred upon him by Articles 114 and 118 of the Charter and Articles 4 and 8 of the General Standards to Govern the Operations of the General Secretariat, 


The advisability of specifying the terms of reference of the Ethics Committee to facilitate oversight of General Secretariat policies on ethics and conflicts of interests, 


I:       To replace the text of Executive Order No. 85-2 on the Ethics Committee by the following: 

          A.       Terms of Reference of the Ethics Committee 

          1.       It is incumbent on the Ethics Committee to oversee the application and interpretation of General Secretariat policies on ethical conduct and conflicts of interests. 

          2.       "General Secretariat policies on ethical conduct and conflicts of interests" shall be understood as all rules, regulations, and practices of the General Secretariat concerning the duties of staff members with regard to ethical behavior free of any conflict of interest with regard to the Organization. 

          3.       The Committee shall have the following responsibilities and functions:

                   a.       To periodically review General Secretariat policies on the duties of staff members to the Organization in the area of ethics of conduct and conflicts of interests and to recommend to the Secretary General any changes deemed necessary; 

                   b.       To advise the Secretary General about whether a specific situation or case entails a conflict of interests under Staff Rule 101.7(b) or whether a given behavior constitutes unethical conduct in accordance with General Secretariat policies. 

          4.       In order to assume the responsibilities and carry out the functions set forth in paragraph 3. (b), the Committee shall examine: 

                   a.       Those statements signed by staff members under Staff Rule 101.7 that are submitted to the Committee by the Director of the Department of Human Resources for analysis. 

                   b.       Any possible or alleged violation of policies on ethical conduct and/or conflicts of interests that the Secretary General or any member of the Committee submits for its consideration. 

                   c.       Situations reported on in auditing reports, when the Secretary General, on the Inspector General's recommendation or by virtue of his own decision, submits them to the Committee for analysis. 

          5.       For all cases submitted to it for its review and consideration, the Committee shall recommend to the Secretary General a course of action that it considers appropriate. 

          B.       Composition 

                   The Ethics Committee shall be composed of the following members: 

                             The Assistant Secretary General, who will be its chair;

                             The Assistant Secretary for Management;

                             The Director of the Department of General Legal Services; and

                             The Director of the Department of Human Resources. 

                   The members of the Ethics Committee may not delegate their functions. 

          C.       Participation of the Inspector General 

                   The Inspector General shall participate in meetings of the Ethics Committee, with a voice but without a vote. 

          D.       Operating method 

                   The Ethics Committee shall adopt its own rules of procedure and may consult with or seek advice from specialists or experts in such a manner as it deems necessary.

II.        Repeals and Amendments.  This Executive Order supersedes all regulations and practices of the General Secretariat to the contrary and expressly supersedes Executive Order 82-5 of November 25, 1985, on the Ethics Committee.  All provisions in Administrative Memorandum No. 58 Rev. 1, dated September 20, 1977, inconsistent with the provisions of this Executive Order, are hereby repealed. 

III.       Effective Date:  This Executive Order shall take effect on the date on which it is signed.

Date: April 29, 1996
Original: Spanish