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G E N E R A L      S E C R E T A R I A T




In the exercise of the powers conferred upon him by Articles 109 and 113 of the Charter of the Organization of American States ("OAS"), and Articles 4, 8, and 12 of the General Standards to Govern the Operation of the General Secretariat of the Organization of American States, and


That pursuant to Article 53 of the OAS Charter, the OAS General Assembly adopted Resolution AG/RES. 813 (XVI-O/86), establishing the Inter-American Drug Abuse Control Commission (hereinafter "CICAD" or "the Commission") as a technically autonomous OAS agency and adopting its Statute;

That CICAD's mandate is to assist the Member States, through international and regional coordination and cooperation, in adopting the measures required: to prevent and treat the illicit use of narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances, and to prevent, control, and appropriately penalize the production of and traffic in those substances; to prevent the laundering of proceeds of crime, the diversion of precursors and essential chemicals, and the illegal traffic of arms and other related offenses; and to promote the regulation of controlled substances and inhalants, and to prevent and appropriately penalize their illicit production, traffic, distribution, and abuse;

That Articles 27 - 29 of the CICAD Statute, as amended by Resolution AG/RES. 1457 (XXVII-O/97) ("the CICAD Statute"), state that the Commission "shall have the support of the General Secretariat," and to that end, provides that (1) the "Secretary General, in consultation with the Commission, shall designate [to trust appointments] an Executive Secretariat and an Assistant Secretary of the Commission;" that "the Executive Secretariat of the Commission is the technical operating and coordinating arm of the Commission with the responsibility for carrying out the Commission's decisions and executing its programs;" and that the "Executive Secretariat shall be staffed with the necessary professional and administrative personnel headed by the Executive Secretary, who in discharging his functions, shall abide by the provisions of the applicable rules of the Organization, this Statute and the Regulations, the decisions of the General Assembly and of the Commission;" and

That Article 29 of the CICAD Statute and Article 14 of the CICAD Regulations assigns specific functions and responsibilities to the Executive Secretary to be performed with the support and assistance of the Executive Secretariat,


That the CICAD Executive Secretariat shall have the structure, functions, and responsibilities set forth below:


1. The CICAD Executive Secretariat ("Executive Secretariat") includes the Executive Secretary, the Assistant Executive Secretary, and all other staff members of the Executive Secretariat.

2. The Executive Secretary is the chief administrative and technical officer of the Executive Secretariat. Subject to the General Standards, the Staff Rules, and other administrative dispositions governing the operations of the General Secretariat, the Executive Secretary directs, coordinates, and has responsibility for the administration of the Executive Secretariat and for the work, performance, and productivity of its staff.

3. The Executive Secretary is responsible:

(a) To the Secretary General, through the Chief of Staff of the Office of the Secretary General, for the management of the Executive Secretariat Staff, the administration of the resources of the Commission entrusted to the General Secretariat and the performance of the other functions assigned under this Executive Order; and

(b) To the Commission for the performance of the technical and administrative activities that the Commission entrusts to him, the assignment of program resources, and the execution of other specific functions assigned under Article 29 of the CICAD Statute and Article 14 of its Regulations.

4. The Assistant Executive Secretary is responsible for the performance of duties as assigned and directed by the Executive Secretary and as provided in Article 15 of the CICAD Regulations, replaces the Executive Secretary when he is unavailable.

5. The remaining staff members of the Executive Secretariat are those administrative and professional staff members of the General Secretariat assigned to serve the Executive Secretariat exclusively. They are responsible to the Executive Secretary for the performance of their functions.

6. In consultation with the Chief of Staff to the Secretary General, other pertinent areas of the General Secretariat, and the Chairman of CICAD, the Executive Secretary is responsible for organizing the internal structure of the CICAD Secretariat to provide for the effective and efficient administration of CICAD's programs and legal responsibilities, in strict accordance with the rules of the General Secretariat, the Organization's program-budget, the decisions adopted by the Commission, and the corresponding resolutions of the OAS General Assembly.


1. Assists the Commission in providing an effective forum to Member States for policy discussion on matters related to illegal trafficking and abuse of drugs and to ensure that policy decisions are placed in standard format for consideration by the General Assembly, as appropriate.

2. Acts to give form and effect to resolutions adopted by the OAS General Assembly and by the Commission by fulfilling needs of Member States in the areas of reduction of the demand and supply of illicit drugs, related crimes and activities, and in the control and abuse of licit psychotropic substances and drugs.

3. Advises the Commission on the performance of its functions; provides technical and administrative services to the Commission; carries out the Commission's decisions; and executes its programs.

4. Acts as both program and administrative link between the Commission and the General Secretariat, and ensures that effective coordination between them is maintained in the execution of CICAD's approved program.

5. Organizes, coordinates, directs, and supervises the operations of the Commission's Work Program, including projects, seminars, and research and training centers, in accordance with the Program Budget.

6. Prepares the agenda for each meeting of the Commission, in consultation with its Chairman, and notifies the Member States of those meetings in accordance with the CICAD Statute and Regulations; and provides assistance to and coordinates with the host country holding a meeting of the Commission.

7. Coordinates and organizes the preparation and follow-up of the sessions of the Commission, participates in them, acts as technical secretariat, and carries out the mandates emanating therefrom. Prepares and publishes studies and reports on research as to the nature and importance of problems emanating from illicit drug use, drug trafficking, and related activities, for presentation to the OAS General Assembly and to the governments of the Member States.

8. Advises the Secretary General, through the Chief of Staff, on the Executive Secretariat's administrative functions and all other matters related to policy and practice in carrying out the programs and projects of CICAD in consonance with the other programs of the Organization and in conformity with the internal rules and regulations of the General Secretariat.

9. Supports the overall goals and efforts of the General Secretariat with respect to matters within CICAD's mandate and consistent with resolutions approved by the OAS General Assembly and with the CICAD Statute; and works in close association with other operating areas of the General Secretariat and with the Commissions of the OAS to reinforce the overall effort and image of the Organization.

10. Prepares the Draft Budget for CICAD, submits it to the Secretary General, and supervises the administration of CICAD's final Program Budget approved by the OAS General Assembly, as well as the CICAD Specific Fund.

11. Prepares the draft annual report of CICAD and, upon approval by the Commission, delivers it to the Secretary General for presentation to the OAS General Assembly.

12. Provides technical assistance to Member States in institutional strengthening, demand reduction, juridical development, information services and supply reduction; and responds to requests by Member States within policy parameters of the Commission and the limitations of the overall budget.

13. Creates opportunities for improved product delivery and system management through technological innovation and organizational adaptation.

14. Maintains direct and ongoing coordination with the Permanent Representatives of the Member States of the OAS and with the Principal Representatives to the Commission.

15. Maintains lines of coordination with other public and private national, regional, and international organizations with interests similar to those of CICAD.

16. Assure that all other functions assigned to the Executive Secretary under Article 29 of the CICAD Statute and Article 14 of its Regulations are duly performed.


This Executive Order supersedes all present norms, regulations and practices of the General Secretariat to the contrary.


This Executive Order shall take effect on the date on which it is signed.

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Date: March 10, 1998
Original: English