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G E N E R A L      S E C R E T A R I A T




In the exercise of the powers conferred upon him by Articles 108 and 112 of the OAS Charter and Articles 4, 8, and 12 of the General Standards to Govern the Operations of the General Secretariat,


That Article 113.4(a) of the Staff Rules, as amended by Executive Orders 85-3 and 87-1, states that the Secretary General may amend the Staff Rules, provided such amendments are consistent with the General Standards, and that an amendment to the Staff Rules shall require an Executive Order.

That the General Assembly, by Resolution AG/RES. 1319 (XXV-0/95), authorized the Secretary General to amend the Staff Rules so as to reflect the modifications in the OAS Staff Compensation System established by that Resolution, "subject to the condition that the obligation to pay any new benefits or benefit levels contained therein shall not be binding on the Organization, the General Secretariat, or its Personnel, to the extent those benefit levels contained in those Rules are either inconsistent with this Resolution or the General Standards . . . or to the extent that they are not fully funded in the approved program-budget for 1995 and 1996";

That the Staff Rules required adjustment to conform them to the current objectives, needs, and obligations of the General Secretariat and to eliminate inadvertent ambiguities and inconsistencies noted since they were last published in 1985;

That the Office of the Secretary General distributed draft amendments of the Staff Rules to the staff for comment on June 15, 1995, and on the basis of comments received, those Rules -- re-dated July 5, 1995, and marked "subject to editing" -- were revised and redistributed to staff prior to the July 1995 staff referendum on the new Staff Compensation System;

That the transmittal memorandum accompanying the July 5, 1995 Draft Staff Rules notified staff that those Rules would enter into force on July 1, 1995, "subject to editing," if the staff accepted the new compensation system in the referendum;

That since July 5, 1995, the Secretariat has edited the Draft Staff Rules for stylistic consistency and clarity and added provisions reminding staff members of their responsibilities under the agreements with the Member States on privileges and immunities.


1. To adopt and place into force the Staff Rules annexed to this Executive Order.

2. To repeal all prior versions of the Staff Rules and any provisions of any Executive Orders, Directives, Administrative Memoranda, or other Regulatory Instruments of the General Secretariat which are inconsistent with or contrary to the Staff Rules so annexed.

3. To reaffirm that the July 5, 1995 Draft Staff Rules previously distributed to staff, entered into force effective July 1, 1995, "subject to editing."

4. To clarify that in the event of any inconsistencies between the Rules annexed to this Executive Order and the July 5, 1995 Draft Staff Rules, the Staff Rules annexed to this Executive Order shall prevail.

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Date: February 29, 1996
Original: English