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G E N E R A L      S E C R E T A R I A T



The Executive Secretariat for Economic and Social Affairs shall have the following objectives and general structure.


A. General Objective

To carry out activities intended to promote the economic and social development of the member states.

B. Specific Objectives

1. To help strengthen each country's capacity to promote development through its own efforts;

2. To improve the mechanism for regional cooperation; and

3. To assist in strengthening action taken by member states in negotiating with other countries.

C. Instruments

The main instruments available to the Executive Secretariat for Economic and Social Affairs for achievement of these objectives are the Program.

D. Coordination

In order to achieve maximum coordination of the activities of the General Secretariat in the area of development cooperation and to assure an effective and rational division of labor, the objectives and responsibilities described in this Executive Order, and which concern direct services to the member states, shall be accomplished in accordance with the provisions of Executive Order 75-15.

1976 - Year of the One Hundred Fiftieth Anniversary of the Amphictyonic Congress of Panama

The references in this Executive Order to the responsibilities of the Economic and Social Area regarding relations with other international organizations and with non-member states refer essentially to technical contacts, which shall be exercised within the special coordinating functions assigned by the Secretary General to the Assistant Secretary General, to the Assistant Secretary for Development Cooperation and to the liaison services component of the Office of the Secretary General.


A. Office of the Executive Secretary

This Office shall provide the following support services to the area as a whole:

-Technical support to Subregional and Regional Integration

-Technical support to Program Coordination

-Support to CEPCIES and CIES

-Operational support

B. Committee on Integration of Activities of the Executive Secretariat

A Committee on Integration of Activities is hereby created and shall be formed by the Program Directors or by their respective delegates with responsibility for integrated programming of the activities of the Executive Secretariat.

The Committee shall have the following responsibilities:

a. To assure close and cooperative action by the various operating units of the Executive Secretariat;

b. To serve as a source of support and information for all Programs in regard to the national specialized training facilities operating in the range of activities of the Executive Secretariat;

c. To suggest guidelines for inter-American centers' operations integration, taking into consideration their specialized nature and the convenience of concentrating their resources application through a network of national centers capable of providing the centralized interdisciplinary training coordination needed to support the economic and social development process;

d. To collaborate in the formulation of a joint program action-oriented towards an increasing involvement of inter-American centers activities in conjunction with centers sponsored by other regional or international organizations and given national counterpart institutions, in order to ensure better utilization of common technical personnel and financial resources available in those different sources, preferably in terms of a subregional approach;

e. To serve as liaison between the programs' training activities within the Executive Secretariat, other areas of the General Secretariat, and in relation to other international and regional institutions that provide training services to the region.

C. Programs

1. Existing departments and offices are hereby abolished. The following operating units are created for carrying out the activities of the Executive Secretariat:

Program of Country Review

Statistical Program

Program of Social Development

Program of Regional Development

Program of Rural-Urban Development

Program of Industrial Development

Program of External Sector

Program of Development Financing

Inter-American Program for Project Formulation and Evaluation (CETREDE)

Inter-American Program for Export Promotion (CIPE)

Program of Tourist Development (CICATUR)

2. Existing dispositions regulating the internal structure of the operating units of the Executive Secretariat are hereby abrogated. The following general structure is established for each Program: directorate, technical groups and projects. Each of these shall be composed of both technical and support staff.

3. Each Program shall have a Director responsible to the Executive Secretary. Other personnel shall be assigned to or within the Program on the basis of current needs, in order to provide maximum flexibility and utilization of available manpower.

4. The Technical Groups may be organized on a geographical basis, by subregional groups, or on a functional/sectoral basis, according to the specific nature and characteristics of each Program.

5. The Program Director may appoint project supervisors for specific purposes within the area of activities of the Program, using its technical personnel regardless of existing position levels, to assume that necessary expertise is focused on a given problem.

6. In the case of an integrated project involving multiprogram participation, supervision may be assigned at the discretion of the Executive Secretary.

III. The Executive Secretary shall make all the changes in procedures and staffing required by this reorganization, in accordance with the regulations of the General Secretariat.


Alejandro Orfila
Secretary General


August 11, 1976