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The following procedures and guidelines for implementing the provisions on part-time employment in Staff Rule 104.3 are issued by decision of the Secretary General.

1. Application. Part-time employment shall be used on a limited basis as a "pilot project" restricted to Object 2 posts of general services staff away from headquarters. The Secretary General, after reviewing the results, will determine whether and when its scope should be broadened.

2. Selection

a. Part-time employment for a year or more shall be subject to a six-month probationary period.

b. Part-time staff members whose employment is for a year or more and is financed by the Regular Fund may only be contracted through competition. Those whose employment is for a year or more and is financed by other funds shall be contracted through competition whenever feasible.

c. A staff member who is selected through competition for a part-time post may not be transferred to a full-time post requiring selection through competition, but must compete for the full-time post.

3. Salary and Allowances

a. The basic salary, the pensionable remuneration, and, where applicable, the salary "adjustment" of part-time staff will be exactly 50% of those paid to full-time staff members at the same grade and step. Thus, hourly earning rates for part-time staff members are the same as for full-time employees.

b. Since part-time staff members work only half of the normal work week, should it become necessary for them to work overtime, any hours worked in excess of their normal schedule up to 40 hours a week will be paid at the normal hourly rate (instead of at 150% of that rate). They may not work more than 40 hours during any week.

c. All, other monetary entitlements--dependency allowance, language allowance, etc.--shall be half of the corresponding allowance that a full-time employee would receive per month or year.

4. Benefits

a. Part-time employment for a given length of time entitles the holder to the same benefits as full-time staff members under contract for the same length of time, with the adjustments specified below.

b. Annual leave (Staff Rule 106.1): Annual leave shall be granted on the same terms as for full-time staff members and accrued at the same rate, but only in half-days. Since the record is kept in hours, this means, for instance, that the 1.75 days a month to which new staff members are entitled will represent, in their case, 7 hours (instead of 14) and each day not worked will represent 4 hours of leave (instead of 8).

c. Sick leave (Staff Rule 107.1): Part-time staff members are entitled to the same amount of sick leave as full-time staff members, but calculated in half-days rather than full days. The full and half salary referred to in Rule 107.1.(a)(iv) shall be, in their case, their full part-time salary and half of that salary respectively. Part-time staff members may not use sick leave for regular medical examinations; they must schedule such appointments outside their work day.

d. Maternity leave (Rule 107.2): The entitlement is the same as for full-time staff members.

e. Health insurance: Part-time staff members shall pay the same amounts as full-time staff members at the same grade and step. Institutional contributions to the health insurance plan will also be the same. As for full-time staff members, employment for six months or more is required for participation in the health insurance plan.

f. Life insurance: Life and workers' compensation insurance are expressed in terms of annual basic salary. Therefore, the same percentages as for full-time staff members apply, but to basic salaries that are only half as much.

g. Retirement: In accordance with Secretary General's Directive D-17 of November 12, 1985, part-time staff members shall participate in the Provident Plan.

5. Miscellaneous

a. Personnel records shall show part-time staff members as a separate group under a different type of employment. When adding numbers of staff, they shall be counted as only 1/2 persons except for insurance purposes.

b. Whenever the Staff Rules refer to periods of "continuous service," the length of service of part-time staff members shall be computed at half the number of months worked. If at any time they became full-time staff members, their records will so reflect the time served under part-time employment.

c. Once the length of service of part-time staff members has been adjusted in accordance with the preceding paragraph, the salary to be used in determining all emoluments based on that service (such as termination indemnity, Staff Rule 110.7) shall be that which they would have earned as full-time staff members.

d. Part-time staff members are not eligible to compete for entry into the career service. However, should they become full-time staff members and subsequently decide to compete for entry into the career service, half of the period served under part-time contract shall be calculated according to paragraph (b) above.


This Administrative Memorandum supersedes all present practices and procedures of the General Secretariat to the contrary.


This Administrative Memorandum shall take effect on the date on which it is signed.



Assistant Secretary for Management



Date: May 30, 1986
Original: English