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G E N E R A L      S E C R E T A R I A T



February 28, 1977

I. By order of the Secretary General, a committee is established, as of the date of this memorandum, to advise him on computer priorities and develop a comprehensive plan for the General Secretariat's computer-based information system (GENESIS).

II. The necessity for a formal mechanism in this field arises from the increasing demands that are being placed on the automated data processing system to improve administrative operations and meet specific program needs in the technical areas. The Committee shall serve as the GENESIS planning, review, and advisory mechanism. Its duties shall include evaluating requests from within the General Secretariat for information systems and assisting in the setting of priorities so that plans may be made for the most effective use of the computer in achieving the operational goals of the Organization.

III. The Committee shall be composed of one representative each from the Office of the Secretary General, the Office of the Assistant Secretary General, and the Offices of each of the Executive and Assistant Secretaries. Because of the high level of policy formulation expected of the Committee, the representatives of these areas shall be persons specifically designated by the Secretary General, the Assistant Secretary General, or the pertinent Executive or Assistant Secretary. The representative of the Assistant Secretary for Management, who shall not be a member of the EDP staff, shall serve as chairman.

IV. The members of the Committee shall have the authority to make commitments on behalf of the areas they represent and the responsibility for following through on the unanimous decisions of the Committee. Each member shall establish within his area a mechanism for review of the management information received, both to ascertain the requirements for output from the computer and to ensure that it is used in a disciplined manner. When there is not unanimous approval, the recommendations shall be submitted to the Secretary General for approval.

V. At the first meeting of the Committee, the chairman shall provide the members with a draft work plan, so that the frequency of subsequent meetings may be decided upon. The chairman shall be responsible for making regular progress reports to the Secretary General, monthly during the first six months and at intervals agreed upon after that time.