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G E N E R A L      S E C R E T A R I A T



May 7, 1976



1.       Effective May 17 , 1976, there shall be designated the post of "Duty Officer" of the General Secretariat, which shall be filled on a weekly basis, by rotation of the senior-level personnel.


2.                  The Duty Officer shall be responsible for maintaining cognizance over the Secretariat activities during the off hours, beginning 6:30 p.m. Monday through 8:00 a.m. of the following Monday. His principal duties shall be as follows:


a.       Will receive all urgent incoming calls to the Secretariat referred to him by the answering service and communicate with the appropriate official for the action required. If the call is related to or requires action by one of the Subsecretariats, the Executive Officer of that Subsecretariat shall be the contact.  

b.       Will periodically check telex messages at the Telex Center, after hours, by calling the security guard at 381-8150.


c.       In the event that an urgent call is referred to the Duty Officer, who considers it to be a security matter, he shall immediately notify the Director of the Office of Communications and Security Services at his home phone after hours. If he is unable to make contact, he should call the Security Chief at his home phone, or the security guard, 381-8150 (Administration Building) or 381-8414 Chain Building).


3.       The Duty Officer shall be provided with a list of principal officers of the General Secretariat and their residence phone numbers. This list shall also include the home telephone numbers of the Directors of the OAS offices in the member states.



4.       A roster of Duty Officers and their schedules will be published by the Office of Communications and Security Services. The roster shall be dragon up from a list of D2, D1, and P5 staff (excluding Executive Officers), approved by the Secretary General.


5.       All security guards on duty will be provided with the name of the Duty Officer of the week and his home phone number.


6.       The Assistant Secretary for Management shall arrange for the supporting services which may be required by the Duty Officer.


 7.       This Administrative Memorandum shall supersede all prior orders that may be in conflict   with it.