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G E N E R A L      S E C R E T A R I A T



December 15, 1975

 I.          Objective

 The purpose of this Administrative Memorandum is to unify and integrate the administrative management of the General Secretariat.

 The principal function of technical management and supervision of the programs approved by the respective Councils rests in the Executive Secretariats for Economic and Social Affairs and Education, Science and Culture.

 In practice, the Executive Subsecretariats, as well as the Assist�ant Secretary for Development Cooperation also exercise numerous activi�ties related to administrative management. This has two adverse effects. First, the directors and technical managers of the programs do not have direct access to the central management services provided to the entire General Secretariat by the Subsecretariat for Management. Instead, they must deal with the administrative area through intermediary administrative dependencies in their own areas, thereby reducing the effectiveness and knowledge of the technical managers and administrative managers of each others' needs.

 Secondly, it creates double processing and duplication of administrative actions, causing increased bureaucratic delay throughout the Organization�

 In accordance with my objective to integrate all activities of the Secretariat and to forge one unified team, as well as to avoid the multi�ple processes which increase bureaucratic delays, the administrative services of the Secretariat will be unified under the responsibility of the Assistant Secretary for Management. The other Subsecretariats and directors and technical managers of programs will have direct access to all central services of the Subsecretariat for Management which will be responsible for the most rapid and efficient execution of all administra�tive and service functions which were performed formerly in the technical areas.

 The immediate benefits are the following: (a) free specialists and program and project technicians in the Executive Subsecretariats of all administrative and service activity so that they may fully concentrate and dedicate themselves to direction and supervision of programs and projects of direct services to the member States executed in the field; (b) avoid duplication of administrative processes which often result in lack of administrative accountability, delays, errors, as well as in lack of consistency in the application of the General Standards and regulations, and in the execution of policies established by the Secretary General in complying with the mandates of the General Assembly and the Governing Bodies; and (c) enable the Assistant Secretary for Management to speed up all administrative processes by delegating more responsibility to technical administrative units operating in the area of the other Subsecretariats to enable rapid decisions on authorizations and obligations.

 II.          Transfer of Functions - Personnel

 Beginning December 22, all functions and personnel of the Executive Subsecretariats who perform central administrative and coordination services, whether in the offices of the Executive Secretaries, Departments, Offices, and Divisions, will be transferred to the Subsecretariat for Management.

 The above-mentioned personnel will, nevertheless, continue rendering services in "decentralized administrative units" located near their respective Executive Subsecretariats and/or Departments.

 III.          Technical and Administrative Supervision

 The personnel of the "decentralized administrative units" will be subject to technical supervision regarding the methods and quality of their work by the corresponding administrative areas of the Subsecretariat for Management (Program-Budget Office, Office of Financial Services, Personnel, etc.). They will be responsible, as part of the Secretariat's unified administrative mechanism, to reply directly and rapidly to the administrative needs of each Subsecretariat to which they are assigned.

 IV.          Responsibilities of the Assistant Secretary for Management

 The Assistant Secretary for Management shall, within 30 days, prepare a plan to establish the organizational structure of the "decentralized administrative units" and the method of operations, in a manner that will increase the delegation of responsibility to authorize financial and personnel actions pursuant to approved technical plans of operation.

 The Assistant Secretary for Management will organize a proper training plan for all personnel assigned to the "decentralized administrative units" so that they are prepared to fulfill the responsibilities dictated by the current policies of the Organization, as well as the General Standards, and ensuing rules and executive orders.