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G E N E R A L      S E C R E T A R I A T

AG/RES. 617 (XII-O/82)



(Resolution adopted at the eighth plenary session, held on November 20, 1982)



HAVING SEEN resolutions AG/RES. 278 (VII-0/77) of the General Assembly, CIECC-558/82 of the thirteenth regular meeting of the Inter-American Council for Education, Science and Culture, and CIES/RES. 252 of the seventeenth annual meeting of the Inter-American Economic and Social Council; and 


The need to expedite negotiations with the sources of external cooperation to which resolution AG/RES. 278 (VII-0/77) refers; and 


That cooperation programs financed with external resources are based on the needs expressed by the member states in accordance with the priorities they themselves establish, 


1.       To instruct the General Secretariat as follows: 

a.       In the case of projects not included in the program-budget of the Organization that receive contributions from states that are Permanent Observers to the Organization but that are not members of the OAS, to submit regular, systematic reports to the appropriate competent organs of the Organization; 

b.       in the case of projects whose external contributions come from nonmember states that are not permanent observers to the Organization, to consult first with whichever Council is appropriate to the subject matter; 

c.       in the case of global cooperation agreements with permanent-observer countries or with other nonmember states, to request prior approval of the Permanent Council. 

2.       In the cases cited in operative paragraph 1 of the present resolution, the General Secretariat shall provide information on the kind of cooperation desired, the General Secretariat counterpart resources that would be involved, and the technical and financial benefits resulting from the cooperation commitment. 

3.       To recommend to the General Secretariat that in the negotiation of agreements based on external resources from nonmember countries, it makes certain that the General Secretariat's administrative costs are contemplated in the external contribution, or that they are provided for in the program-budget of the Organization. 

4.       That for their tripartite projects, the member states of the Organization shall be given preferential treatment in the distribution of counterpart funds set aside in the Organization's budget for such project involving cooperation with external sources, in accordance with the current program guidelines of CIES and CIECC. 

5.       That the General Secretariat and the organs of the CIES and CIECC areas shall endeavor to ensure that all the member states share equally in the opportunities offered by external sources of cooperation with nonmember states.  In the case of continuing projects, the General Secretariat shall enlist the participation of other member states when they have shown interest in so doing. 

6.       To annul operative paragraphs 5, 6 and 7 of resolution AG/RES. 278 (VII-0/77).