10th Plenary Meeting of the Committee of Experts of the MESICIC

MESICICThe 10th Plenary Meeting of the Committee of Experts of the MESICIC took place December 11 - 16, 2006 at the OAS headquarters.  During the meeting, the Experts from each of the States Parties to the Follow-up Mechanism considered the preliminary draft reports from the Second Round of Review for Argentina, Paraguay, Nicaragua, Uruguay, Ecuador and Honduras. Among other items on the agenda and calendar, the Committee reviewed the results from the Second Meeting of the Conference of States Parties to the MESICIC.

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New Text of the Inter-American Program of Cooperation to Fight Corruption

The Second Meeting of the Conference of States Parties to the MESICIC, which took place November 20-21, 2006, approved the new text of the Inter-American Program of Cooperation to Fight Corruption. This is a revised version of the original program adopted by the OAS General Assembly in 1997.

The Program sets out the general framework for activities that the member states, with the support of the OAS General Secretariat, have decided to undertake in the fight against corruption in the Hemisphere.

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ColombiaColombia Creates National Plan of Action

During a national workshop to create a Plan of Action to implement the recommendations from the First Round of the MESICIC process, the Vice President of Colombia reaffirmed the country’s commitment to fight corruption. The workshop, held December 1 in Bogotá, included participants from government agencies, the Attorney General’s office and civil society.

Colombia is one of four countries which participated in a pilot project to implement the MESICIC recommendations.

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Chair of Transparency International Speaks at OAS on the Need to Continue the Fight against Corruption

 “This year’s 10th anniversary of the conclusion of the Inter-American Convention against Corruption is an important milestone. This multilateral framework against corruption and its monitoring mechanism – or MESICIC as it iHugette Labells known – play an important role ensuring that governments translate their commitments into action,” Huguette Labelle, Chair of Transparency International, said at the OAS Lecture Series of the Americas on November 28. Labelle lauded the OAS for steps it has taken to fight corruption, including the adoption of the Inter-American Convention against Corruption, and she called on the states parties to implement all of the treaty’s requirements. “By doing so, they will reassure citizens across the hemisphere that they are moving beyond words and paper and are acting against corruption.”

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