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Prosecutors and Investigators from Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Panama and Peru, met in Lima from March 11 to 13, 2013, to receive training in basic cyber-crime investigation and prosecution techniques. 

This event, which was opened by the Attorney General of Peru, Mr. José Antonio Peláez Bardales, and by the Director of the Narcotics Affairs Section of the United States Embassy in Peru, Mr. Jeff Hovenier, was organized jointly by the United States Department of Justice and the OAS General Secretariat, through the Department of Legal Cooperation (Technical Secretariat of the Working Group on Cybercrime of the Meetings of Ministers of Justice or Other Ministers or Attorneys General of the Americas – REMJA) and was held pursuant to recommendations issued by the REMJA and its Working Group on Cybercrime. 

This regional workshop was specifically tailored to prosecutors and investigators, as well as others with responsibilities in persecution of cyber-crime offenses in their respective countries. Accordingly, participants were shown the range of information and tools for cooperation made available for prosecutors and investigators by the Technical Secretariat, through the Inter-American Cooperation Portal on Cybercrime. In addition, training was provided on the basics for cybercrime investigations, international cyber-crime standards and initiatives, challenges for addressing cyber-crimes, the collection of digital evidence, conducting online investigations, and international cooperation in combating cybercrime. 

Training and presentations were provided by experts in the field from, among others, the Computer Crime and Intellectual Property Section of the United States Department of Justice, the National Police of Peru, and the United States Secret Service. In addition to government participants, training and presentations were also provided by representatives of other institutions, such as the International Centre for Missing and Exploited Children and Citibank, through its Investigative Division. 

This event is the 21st such regional event that has been carried out in recent years as part of a larger cooperative program sponsored by the U.S. Government, through its Department of Justice and the OAS General Secretariat, to strengthen the capacity of states to develop legislation and procedural measures related to cybercrime and electronic evidence. 

For more information on these workshops and actions of the REMJA and its Working Group to support the fight against cybercrime visit the Inter-American Cooperation Portal on Cyber-Crime.

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