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The highest authorities responsible for public policy making on access to justice and international legal cooperation in the Americas met for the ninth time to strengthen these matters in the region.

The Ninth Meeting of Ministers of Justice or Other Ministers or Attorneys General of the Americas (REMJA IX), held in Quito, Ecuador, on November 28 and 29, 2012, emerged again as the most important Inter-American forum to address issues of justice and international legal cooperation in the Hemisphere.

After its deliberations, the Ministers of Justice and Attorneys General of the OAS member states adopted a set of conclusions and recommendations, that, among others, reaffirmed the importance of access to justice for the effective fulfillment of rights conferred on people, and international legal cooperation for the development of justice systems and the consolidation of the rule of law.

Also, REMJA IX endorsed the work of the Justice Studies Center of the Americas for increasing access to justice in the region, and expressed its support for the Inter-American Program of Judicial Facilitators, which is developed in the OAS General Secretariat.

REMJA XI was also the setting for the signature of Memorandums of Understanding by the OAS Secretary General, the President of the National Court of Justice of Ecuador, as well as the Minister of Justice of France, for the participation of these latter institutions in the Hemispheric Network for Legal Cooperation on Criminal Matters. The Minister of Justice, Human Rights and Worship of Ecuador served as an honorary witness.

The REMJA process is the hemispheric cooperation mechanism on justice and international legal cooperation that is carried out in the framework of the OAS, involving the Ministers of Justice and Attorneys General of the Americas with responsibility in these matters. Its objective is to consolidate the rule of law in the region by strengthening the mechanisms for access to justice and international legal cooperation through the exchange of information and experiences, coordination of public policies and the creation of institutions and effective cooperation processes.

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