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On November 28, 29 and 30, a Regional Workshop on Best Practices for Cyber Security and the Fight against Corruption will be held in Bogota, Colombia. The Workshop has been jointly organized by the General Secretariat of the OAS, through the Secretariat of the Inter-American Committee against Terrorism and the Department of Legal Cooperation of the Secretariat for Legal Affairs, the United States Department of Justice, which serves as the Chair the Working Group on Cyber-Crime of the REMJA (Meetings of Ministers of Justice or Other Ministers or Attorneys General of the Americas), and the Government of Colombia.

The Workshop will bring together officials with direct responsibilities in the aforementioned areas from the OAS Member States, as well as more than thirty experts from around the world. The Minister of Defense of Colombia, Juan Carlos Pinzón, the United States Ambassador to Colombia, Michael McKinley, the Canadian Ambassador to Colombia, Tim Martin, and an OAS representative, have been invited to participate and give remarks at the opening ceremony.

This Workshop is composed of two large training modules. The first module is related to the investigation and prosecution of cybercrimes, and forms part of a broader program that has been carried out in fulfillment of recommendations of the REMJA, and in particular, it’s Working Group on Cyber-Crime. The second module concerns the protection of critical infrastructures and the development of national cyber-security strategies, among others, and is a part of the training offered by the Secretariat of the Inter-American Committee against Terrorism (CICTE).

The joint actions of the REMJA Working Group on Cyber-Crime and of CICTE, and of their respective technical secretariats within the General Secretariat of the OAS, form part of the Hemispheric Cybersecurity Strategy adopted by the OAS General Assembly.

For more information on these workshops and other OAS activities to support the fight against Cybercrimes, consult the “Inter-American Cooperation Portal on Cyber-Crime”. Additional information on CICTE activities can be consulted at:


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