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Investigators, prosecuting attorneys, and officials responsible for mutual international assistance from Argentina, Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, Paraguay, Peru, and Uruguay, came together in the Peruvian capital at a regional training workshop held from August 31 to September 2, 2010, to examine the criminal activities for which the Internet is used, the technologies that enable criminals to use it on a global scale, and the tools that help police to successfully investigate and prosecute those who commit these crimes.

This regional training workshop for the investigation of large-scale crimes committed via the Internet was held in accordance with one of the recommendations adopted at the Sixth Meeting of the Working Group on Cyber-Crime within the framework of the Meetings of Ministers of Justice or of Ministers or Attorneys General of the Americas (REMJA). The workshop was carried out thanks to the sponsorship of the United States Department of Justice, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Peru, and the General Secretariat of the OAS, through the Department of Legal Cooperation of the Secretariat for Legal Affairs.

The presentations offered by the speakers in the different workshop modules centered principally on uses, trends and new forms of crime committed via the internet; new investigative techniques based on computer forensics; legal aspects related to the gathering of electronic evidence, and the importance of technical cooperation and mutual international assistance. In addition, the Director of the Department of Legal Cooperation of the OAS, Jorge García González, provided a presentation on new developments and information available on the Inter-American Cooperation Portal on Cyber-Crime, as a useful tool for cooperation and information exchange among member states in the fight against such crimes. He also offered a presentation on the usefulness of each of the components of the OAS Criminal Matters Network for strengthening legal and judicial cooperation in the region.

The workshop in Lima was part of a broader program of cooperation sponsored by the Government of the United States (through its Department of Justice) and the OAS General Secretariat, in furtherance of which, sub-regional meetings have also been held over the past two years in Trinidad and Tobago, Colombia, Chile, Panama, Paraguay, and Mexico, with a similar event scheduled for the countries of the Caribbean region.

For additional information on these workshops and other OAS activities to support the fight against cyber-crime, please consult the “Inter-American Cooperation Portal on Cyber-Crime.”


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