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Extradition is governed principally by the Extradition Act, Chapter 189 of the laws of Barbados. The legislation is applicable to fugitives in Barbados from the criminal law of other states and to fugitives from the criminal law of Barbados in other states. Requisitions for the surrender of a fugitive are made to the Attorney-General. The Extradition Act is applicable to Commonwealth states and to foreign states in respect of which the United Kingdom Acts, known as the Extradition Acts 1870 to 1935, applied immediately before 2nd June, 1980, pursuant to an Order in Council in force thereunder and that Act as so applied extended to Barbados. The Extradition Act may also be invoked on the basis of the existence of a bi-lateral treaty. In the absence of an extradition treaty, the Attorney-General may, in certain circumstances, still issue his warrant for the surrender of a fugitive.