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Pursuant to its Chapter VIII, the Inter-American Program for Cooperation in the Fight against Corruption charged the OAS General Secretariat, as the Technical Secretariat of the MESICIC, and through the Department of International Legal Affairs of the OAS, to continue to provide the technical support necessary for the implementation of this Program, which, among other aspects, includes the following four topics in the area of training:

  1. Training to members of the Committee of Experts of the MESICIC   

    • Introductory Guide for MESICIC Experts  (Esp | Eng)

  2. Training in Ethical Values for Public Officials

    • Existing Programs

    • Postgraduate Diploma in Transparency, Accountability and Combating Corruption

      • Institution: Human Rights Center, Law School, University of Chile  

      • Objectives: To train professionals from diverse disciplines, who are in a position to assist with the strengthening of democracy and public integrity in their countries, addressing issues such as political instability, high rates of corruption, lack of accountability mechanism and opacity in the management public and contribute in different countries of the region to the strengthening of their democratic institutions and promote a culture of public integrity, political participation and transparency in the various spheres of public life.

      • Read more (Spanish)

    • Postgraduate course: “Public Ethics and Transparency”

      • Institution: Law School, Universidad Nacional del Litoral

      • Objectives: To provide the participants with elements to understand the criteria and principles that govern public ethics and its relation to transparency; analyze policy tools, and social policies that facilitate the promotion of ethics and the fight against corruption; and develop skills relevant to developing proposals for implementing mechanisms for public ethics in their fields of work.

      • Read more (Spanish)

    • Diploma in Transparency and Good Governance: Towards a participative and open government

      • Institution: Monterrey Institute of Technology and Higher Education (ITESM)

      • Objectives: Provide an opportunity for reflection on the work and commitment of public officials; to identify critical areas vulnerable to corruption in the federal public administration; to provide government officials new tools that are useful in building good governance; design a practical strategy for control of corruption in line with the needs of the particular institution; and share experiences and best practices to fight corruption in the Federal Public Administration.

      • Read more (Spanish)  

  3. Training of Experts and Public Officials in the areas of Freezing of Assets, Forfeiture and the Recovery of Assets

  4. Training Programs in areas related to Anti-corruption Cooperation



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