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Bogota, Colombia - March 7-8, 2013


Responsibility of corporate entities

  • Patrick Moulette, Head, Anti-Corruption Division OECD and Leah Ambler, Legal Analyst, Anti-Corruption Division OECD [Presentation] [Document: ENG ESP]

  • Jorge García González, Director of the Department of Legal Cooperation of the OAS [Presentation]

  • Lorenzo Salazar, Head of the Italian delegation to the OECD Working Group Bribery [Presentation]

  • Jaime Requena, Office of the Secretary of State, Ministry of Justice - Spain [Presentation

  • Silvina Bacigalupo, Professor of Criminal Law, Autonomous University of Madrid [Presentation

  • Héctor Hernández, Professor of Criminal Law, Universidad Diego Portales, Chile. [Presentation] [Article] [Law 20.393]

  • Luis F. Arocena y Juan García, Anti-Corruption Office of Argentina. [Presentation]

  • Enzo Paredes Castañeda, High Level Anti-Corruption Commission. [Presentation

  • Jorge Vío, Auditor's General's Office of Chile [Presentation]  

  • Ismael Camargo, Director of Engagement with Government and Society, Mexico. [Presentation] [Federal Anti-Corruption Law]

Protection of corruption whistleblowers

  • Martha Silvestre, Attorney and Consultant. Peru[Presentation]

  • Rosario López, Senior Prosecutor, Head of Protection and Assistance to Victims and Witnesses, Office of the Public Prosecutor -  Peru. [Presentation]

  • Leah Ambler, Legal Analyst, Anti-Corruption Division OECD [Presentation]

International standards and instruments for corporate ethics

  • Roberto Hernández, Chair of the Anti-Corruption Committee of the International Chamber of Commerce, Mexico. [Presentation]

  • Roberto Ballester, Director of the Fundación ETNOR [Presentation]

  • Hilaire Avril, Senior Consultant, Resource Consulting Services LTD. [Presentation]

  • Patrick Moulette, Head, Anti-Corruption Division OECD [Presentation]

  • Aurelio García, Director de Research and Studies ECODES. Spain [Presentation]

  • Sergio Nogueira, Secretary of Anti-Corruption and Strategic Information. Office of the Comptroller General (CGU). Brazil [Presentation]  

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