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Country Reports

In each round, the Committee adopts country reports in which each state receives specific recommendations for addressing the regulatory shortcomings detected, resolving any inadequacies found, and which set out indicators for the objective determination of results regarding the implementation of the provisions of the Convention selected in that round.

Hemispheric Report

At the conclusion of a round, the Committee adopts a Hemispheric Report which analyzes the recommendations formulated during that round and reports on progress in implementing the recommendations made in previous rounds.

National Progress Reports

At the first Committee meeting of each year, each State Party submits in the standard format a report on the measures that it has adopted since the first meeting of the previous year with respect to the recommendations made by the Committee. Similarly, each State Party may inform on the difficulties that it has faced with respect to the implementation of those recommendations as well as on other progress related to the implementation of the Convention during that time period.

Progress Reports

The Progress Report is a compilation made by the Technical Secretariat of the national progress reports.  It is complemented by a summary of progress achieved by all countries in implementing their recommendations together with the information provided by the states with respect to the difficulties that they have encountered in the implementation of those recommendations. In those years in which a Hemispheric Report is to be adopted, the annual progress report referred to in this article is not prepared.


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