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The Technical Secretariat of the MESICIC has created a technical assistance program to support States Parties in the creation of a national Plan of Action to implement the recommendations formulated by the Committee of Experts.  The Plan of Action, which is created with the full participation of the public sector and civil society, identifies the necessary activities to implement the recommendations, the agencies responsible for implementation, estimated time-frame and cost to do so, and indicators to measure the advances in implementation.

Canada, the United States and Spain have financially contributed to the development of this technical cooperation program.


  • In order to coordinate the creation and distribution of the Plan of Action, the OAS General Secretariat, through its Department of Legal Cooperation of its Secretariat for Legal Affairs, signs a Memorandum of Understanding with the executing agency designated by the respective State Party to the MESICIC.

  • A qualified national consultant is selected who writes the initial draft Plan of Action.

  • A national workshop shop is then held in which the various branches of government, oversight bodies, and representatives from civil society, international organizations and cooperation agencies participate.  The input from the workshop participants is reflected in the final version of the Plan of Action.

  • Both the state and the OAS General Secretariat publish the Plan, and the advances in its implementation are reported within the framework of the MESICIC, as required in the MESICIC Committee of Expertsí Rules of Procedure.

The final result is a national Plan of Action which constitutes not only an advance for the particular state, but also an important tool in the common cause among the MESICIC member states to fight corruption


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