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Inter-American Convention Against Corruption:
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Inter-American Democratic Charter

General Assembly Resolutions:
AG/RES. 2219 (XXXVI-O/06)
AG/RES. 2222 (XXXVI-O/06)
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Summits of the Americas:
IV Summit
Special Summit
III Summit
II Summit
I Summit

Conference of the States Parties to IACAC:
Declaration - Plan of Action

II Meeting of the Conference of States Parties to MESICIC:
Inter-American Program of Cooperation to Fight Corruption

Declaration on Security in the Americas


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Follow-up Mechanism for the Implementation of the Inter-American Convention Against Corruption

Collective Interest Topics

First Topic

In accordance with Article 3 (h) of the Rules of Procedure, the Committee decided that the first theme of collective interest that it would consider would be related to the preventive measures referred to in Article III, (5) of the Convention. This theme refers to systems of “procurement of goods and services that assure the openness, equity and efficiency of such systems.”

To that end, in the framework of the IV meeting that took place between the August 14 and 18, 2003, the Committee adopted a methodology for the consideration of this first collective interest theme. This methodology, in addition to describing the background, defines the objectives, the final product that is expected as a result of the consideration of this theme by the Committee and the procedure that the Committee will follows to that extent.

The Secretariat also elaborated a document, whose presentation includes its scope and content.

In this same space contributions from the States Parties and others made in the framework of the consideration of this collective interest theme are also published.

Second Topic

In the framework of the Fifth Meeting of the Committee, held February 2-6, 2004, the Committee began consideration of the second Collective Interest Topic: technical cooperation programs or projects related to the Convention.

To that end, the World Bank, the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) were invited to give oral presentations to the Committee. The information presented by the representatives of the international agencies can be accessed on the agencies’ websites by clicking on the following links: