During its second meeting, the Committee of Experts of the Follow-up Mechanism for the Implementation of the Inter-American Convention against Corruption defined the composition of the review sub-groups, which proceeded by lot, in accordance with the following procedure: 


    1. 44 ballots were introduced into a box with the names of the States Parties to the Follow-up Mechanism, having 2 ballots to each State Party.
    1. The lead expert or delegate of each State Party chose from the box, by lot, two ballots, which determined the review subgroup of the respective State Party.
    1. To this effect, the Committee of Experts defined that at least one of the States Parties that comprise the review subgroup must be of the same legal tradition of the reviewed State Party. If this requirement is not fulfilled, the second and following ballots shall be returned until the second State Party selected complies with this requirement.
    1. Likewise, the Committee of Experts determined that a ballot shall be returned to the box and a new selection by lot be undertaken in the following cases:

1.       When the selected State Party is subject to review by the selecting State Party (as a result of prior selection within the same process). 

2.       When the selected State Party is the same as the one selecting. 

As a result of the previous process the following review subgroups were selected for each State Party: 

Composition of the Review Subgroups: 

Argentina: Mexico and El Salvador

Bahamas: United States and Peru

Belize: Colombia and United States

Bolivia: Ecuador and Panama

Brazil: Bolivia and Suriname

Canada: Bolivia and United States

Chile: Canada and Uruguay

Colombia: Chile and Dominican Republic

Costa Rica: Paraguay and Bolivia

Dominican Republic: Peru and Canada

Ecuador: Uruguay and Guatemala

El Salvador: Mexico and Costa Rica

United States: Jamaica and Panama

Grenada: United States and Colombia

Guatemala: Bahamas and Colombia

Guyana: Belize and Honduras

Honduras: El Salvador and Venezuela

Jamaica: Honduras and Trinidad and Tobago

Mexico: Trinidad and Tobago and Ecuador

Nicaragua: Dominican Republic and Venezuela

Panama: Paraguay and Argentina

Paraguay: Nicaragua and Bahamas

Peru: Argentina and Nicaragua

St. Vincent and the Grenadines: Uruguay and Jamaica

Suriname: Colombia and Bahamas 

Trinidad y Tobago: Guatemala and Bahamas

Uruguay: Honduras and Costa Rica

Venezuela: Jamaica and Chile

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