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AG/RES. 1946 (XXXIII-O/03)


(Resolution adopted at the fourth plenary session, held on June 10, 2003) 


            HAVING SEEN the observations and recommendations of the Permanent Council on the annual reports of the organs, agencies, and entities of the Organization (AG/doc.4228/03), in particular as they pertain to the annual report of the Inter-American Telecommunication Commission (CITEL) (CP/doc.3695/03); and 


            That, pursuant to Article 34 of the Statute of CITEL, the Statute of CITEL may only be amended by the General Assembly of the Organization, at its own initiative or upon CITEL’s request; and  

            That, at its third regular meeting, in resolution CITEL/RES. 34 (III-02), the Assembly of CITEL requested the General Assembly to amend Articles 7, 17, 23, and 24 of the Statute of CITEL in the manner and for the reasons expressed therein, 


            To adopt the amendments to the Statute of the Inter-American Telecommunication Commission as contained in the Appendix hereto.



Article 7

Participation in the CITEL Assembly 

            f.          International and national organizations that are parties to agreements or arrangements establishing relations of cooperation with the Organization, with its organs, organizations, or agencies, when such agreements or arrangements provide for participation of observers.


            h.         The Associate Members of the Permanent Consultative Committees. 

Article 17

Functions of COM/CITEL 

            The functions of COM/CITEL are the following:


m.        To review and approve a work program based on the program-budget approved by the General Assembly and an annual proposed budget for CITEL in pursuance of the provisions of Article 112.c of the Charter of the Organization, ensuring the strictest possible economy but mindful of the obligation upon CITEL to achieve satisfactory results from the work programs undertaken.


Article 23

Structure of the Permanent Consultative Committees


            The CITEL Assembly shall organize the Permanent Consultative Committees it considers necessary to attain the objectives defined in Article 3 and shall elect the host countries of the Permanent Consultative Committees, observing to the extent possible, an equitable geographic distribution. 

Article 24

Participation in the Permanent Consultative Committees:

Members, Associate Members, and Observers 

                        Member States and Associate Members of CITEL, whose rights and obligations are defined in this Statute, collaborate with a view to attaining the objectives of CITEL. 

Associate Members 

1.         Any agency, organization, or institution related to the telecommunications industry, which has legal personality, with the approval of the corresponding Member State of CITEL, may become an associate member of a Permanent Consultative Committee.  The Member State shall notify the Chairman of COM/CITEL in writing of the names of the agencies, organizations, or institutions it has approved.  An agency, organization, or institution shall cease to be an Associate Member in the event that approval is withdrawn by the Member State. 

            2.         An international or regional inter-governmental organization with multiple memberships of States of the Americas that is related to telecommunications and has legal personality may become an Associate Member of a Permanent Consultative Committee with the approval of COM/CITEL.  This international or regional organization shall cease to be an Associate Member in the event that approval is withdrawn by the COM/CITEL. 

            3.         Associate Members of a Permanent Consultative Committee may fully participate in all the activities of that Permanent Consultative Committee, with voice but without vote.  They may present technical papers and receive the documents of the Committee to which they pertain.

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