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AG/RES. 1887 (XXXII-O/02)


(Adopted at the fourth plenary session held on June 4, 2002) 



            That among the purposes of the Charter of the Organization of American States is “assuring peace, democracy, and security in the Continent”; and 

            That, in the Political Declaration of the Third Summit of the Americas (Quebec City, 2001), the Heads of State and Government expressed the following:  “[W]e will strive to limit military expenditures while maintaining capabilities commensurate with our legitimate security needs and we will promote greater transparency in weapons acquisition,” 


            1.         To instruct the Permanent Council to consider, in the framework of the work of the Committee on Hemispheric Security and pursuant to the mandate contained in the Political Declaration of the Third Summit of the Americas, the limitation of military expenditures and the promotion of greater transparency in the acquisition of arms, taking into account, among other factors, the legitimate security needs of states and consideration of the topic from the unilateral, bilateral, subregional, and hemispheric points of view.

            2.         To instruct the Permanent Council to continue developing, in the context of the preparatory work for the Special Conference on Security, the most appropriate common approaches that allow discussion of the issues referred to in operative paragraph 1.

            3.         To request member states to provide to the Permanent Council their comments on the topic “Dividends for Peace,” in accordance with resolution AG/RES. 1694 (XXIX-O/99). 

            4.         To instruct the General Secretariat to support, in keeping with the resources allocated in the program-budget, the activities of the Permanent Council that may be required for implementation of this resolution.

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