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AG/RES. 1848 (XXXII-O/02)


(Adopted at the fourth plenary session held on June 4, 2002) 


            HAVING SEEN the report of the Permanent Council on the OAS restructuring and modernization process (CP/doc.3597/02) and resolution CP/RES. 816 (1319/02); 


            That modernization and reform has become a permanent process within the Organization to strengthen its capacity to respond efficiently and effectively to changing mandates and needs; 

That the Permanent Council, at its meeting of November 22, 2000, adopted resolution CP/RES. 779 (1256/00), “Restructuring the Inter-American System in the Context of the Summits of the Americas”; 

            That in the Plan of Action of the Third Summit of the Americas, in Quebec City, the heads of state and government recognized “the central role of the OAS in supporting the Summit of the Americas process” and instructed the ministers of foreign affairs “to strengthen and reform, where appropriate, the institutional mechanisms and financial capacity of the General Secretariat of the Organization to support the Summit of the Americas process as technical secretariat and to provide support to ministerial and sectoral meetings relevant to the OAS;” 

            That, in response to the Plan of Action, the General Assembly, at its thirty-first regular session, held in San José, Costa Rica, adopted resolution AG/RES. 1836 (XXXI-O/01), “Modernization of the OAS and Renewal of the Inter-American System,” which instructed the General Secretariat to prepare “a draft proposal for the restructuring and modernization of the OAS” and instructed the Permanent Council, through the Committee on Administrative and Budgetary Affairs and the Special Committee on Inter-American Summits Management, to make recommendations on the proposal to the General Assembly; 

            That, in response to resolution AG/RES. 1836 (XXXI-O/01), the Secretary General presented to the Permanent Council on December 10, 2001, his “Report and Recommendations: Restructuring the Organization of American States to Address the Challenges of the Summit Process in Response to Resolutions AG/RES. 1812, 1824, 1836, and 1839 (XXXI-O/01) (“Report and Recommendations of the Secretary General”); 

            That for the purpose of analyzing the Report and Recommendations of the Secretary General, together with additional proposals for reform and modernization presented by the member states, the Permanent Council formed the Joint Working Group on Restructuring and Modernization of the OAS (“Joint Working Group”); and 

            That, by resolution CP/RES. 816 (1319/02), the Permanent Council adopted measures in its area of competence, recommended by the Joint Working Group, and has recommended that the General Assembly adopt the rest of the recommendations, 


            1.         To take note of the progress made and measures adopted by the Permanent Council and the Secretary General in the Organization’s modernization and restructuring process. 

2.         To instruct the Permanent Council, acting as Preparatory Committee of the General Assembly under Article 91.c of the Charter, to make the necessary arrangements with the Summit Implementation Review Group (SIRG) to ensure that the SIRG, at the ministerial level, meets at least once per year, at the same time and place as the General Assembly.

3.         To instruct the Permanent Council, in light of the significant portion of the Regular Fund budget allocated each year to the Inter-American Defense Board (IADB), to examine the relationship between the OAS and the IADB and make recommendations to the General Assembly and the IADB for modifying the IADB’s structure and basic instruments to the extent necessary to clarify and obtain consensus on its status with respect to the OAS, including the principle of civilian oversight and the democratic formation of its authorities.   This is a multidimensional exercise which is likely to require specialized input from several of the Permanent Council’s standing committees, including, inter alia, the Committee on Hemispheric Security, the Committee on Juridical and Political Affairs, and the Committee on Administrative and Budgetary Affairs, with a view to holding the Special Conference on Hemispheric Security. 

            4.         To instruct the General Secretariat to prepare a proposal for providing more appropriate facilities for conferences and meetings at headquarters, to include, but not be limited to, the plans for renovating the Main Building developed in 1995.  The proposal should also include plans for teleconference facilities and other improvements with a view to creating modern conference facilities that not only meet the immediate needs of the Organization but also enhance the viability of the headquarters as a conference center.

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