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AG/RES. 1558 (XXVIII-O/98)


(Resolution adopted at the third plenary session, held on June 2, 1998)


HAVING SEEN the report of the Permanent Council on the Sixth Inter-American Specialized Conference on Private International Law (CIDIP-VI); and


That, in resolution AG/RES. 1393 (XXVI-O/96), the General Assembly convened CIDIP-VI, which will be held on a date and at a place to be determined by the Permanent Council, and instructed the Council to approve the draft rules of procedure and agenda for CIDIP-VI and submit them to the governments of the member states for approval, taking into account the eight items mentioned in that resolution;

That, in resolution AG/RES. 1472 (XXVII-O/97), the General Assembly urged the Permanent Council to continue its study of agenda items for CIDIP-VI;

That, at the first meeting of the First Committee at the twenty-seventh regular session of the General Assembly, held in Lima, Peru, the Government of Guatemala offered to host the Conference, and that this offer was accepted by the Permanent Council in resolution CP/RES. 705 (1132/97); and

That, given the technical complexity of the subject, it is advisable to hold a meeting of experts to define the precise scope of the topics proposed for CIDIP-VI and begin the preparatory work for the Conference,


1. To receive from the Permanent Council the report on the Sixth Inter-American Specialized Conference on Private International Law (CIDIP-VI), in keeping with resolution AG/RES. 1472 (XXVII-O/97).

2. To instruct the Permanent Council to convene a meeting of experts designated by the member states to:

a. Define the precise scope of the topics proposed for CIDIP-VI, which are:

i. Standardized commercial documentation for international trade. It includes the revision and update of the 1989 Inter-American Convention on Contracts for the International Carriage of Goods by Road, with the incorporation of bills of lading.

ii. International loan contracts of a private nature, in particular the uniformity and harmonization of secured transactions law.

iii. Conflict of laws on extracontractual liability, with an emphasis on competency of jurisdiction and applicable law with respect to civil international liability for crossboundary pollution. Reconciliation of the English, French, and Portuguese texts with the Spanish text of the Inter-American Convention on the Law Applicable to International Contracts.

b. Begin the preparatory work for CIDIP-VI.

3. To instruct the Permanent Council to set the date for CIDIP-VI once the appropriate preparatory work has been completed, within resources allocated in the program-budget to be adopted at the special session of the General Assembly held after the twenty-eighth regular session, and with other resources.

4. To request the Permanent Council to report to the General Assembly in due course on the implementation of this resolution.

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