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AG/RES. 1419 (XXVI-O/96)


(Resolution adopted at the eighth plenary session, held on June 7, 1996)



That the functions of the Inter-American Children's Institute, a Specialized Organization of the Organization of American States, include promotion of research on problems affecting motherhood, childhood, adolescence, and the family in the Americas, and the adoption of measures to solve them; and

That, pursuant to resolution AG/RES. 1348 (XXV-O/95), attention to the problems affecting children, youth, and families is a task of major social significance for the member states;

CONVINCED that the family, as the basic element of society and the cultural environment for the growth and well-being of all its members, in particular children, should receive the necessary protection and assistance to assume fully its responsibilities within society; and

BEARING IN MIND that in September 1996 the Republic of Panama will host the Ninth World Congress on Family Law, which will bring together jurists, legislators, university professors, students, and professionals in the area of family law and related disciplines from Panama and elsewhere to analyze international trends in family law and devise means to harmonize existing standards with the social and scientific changes under way in the world,


1. To urge the member states to take part in the Ninth World Congress on Family Law.

2. To entrust the Inter-American Children's Institute (IIN) with promoting the broadest possible participation in this important international gathering.

3. To request the Office of the Director General of the IIN to present to the Institute's Directing Council at its next meeting a report on the results of the Congress for their evaluation and, if appropriate, inclusion in social development programs.

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