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Third Meeting of the Government Experts on Cyber Crime - Draft Agenda

June 23 and 24, 2003 - Washington D.C.

June 23, 2003 (Day 1)

9:00-9:10         Opening Session  

9:10-9:15         Election of Chair.

9:15-9:30                     Consideration and adoption of the agenda.                   

9:30-10:30                   Introduction and General Overview:

·        Historical overview of OAS work on cyber-crime.

·        Review of Mandate of Experts Group.

·        Review of the REMJA Recommendations.

·        Presentation of Questionnaire and Results. 

Jorge García-Gonzalez, Chief, Technical Secretariat for Legal Cooperation Mechanisms, Secretariat for Legal Affairs

10:30-10:45                 Break

10:45-11:15                 Presentation on the Scope of the Cyber-crime Problem.

                                                            Hervé Hurtado, Director General de Tráficos y Contrabando, Policía Cibernética-PFP México

                                                            James Burrell, Chief, Cyber Division, International Investigations, Federal Bureau of Investigations, US

11:15-12:30                 Country Roundtable:

·        Case Studies from Several Volunteer Countries on their efforts to combat cyber-crime.

·        Open discussion for countries to present overview of their cyber-crime efforts.

Chile:  Report 1

           Report 2

           Report 3   

12:30-14:00                 Break

14:00-14:30                 Presentation on Council of Europe Cyber-crime Convention.

                                                            Betty-Ellen Shave, Senior Counsel, Computer Crime and Intellectual Property Section, Department of Justice, US

14:30-15:30                 Presentation on Legal Framework for Combating Cyber-crime – Overview.  

                                                            Todd Hinnen, Trial Attorney, Computer Crime and Intellectual Property Section, Department of Justice, US

15:30-15:45                 Break

15:45-16:15                 Presentation and consideration of a technical meeting proposal, within the OAS framework, on a Legislative Drafting Session on combating cyber-crime.

                                                (Presentation by Chair)

16:15-17:30                 Presentations on MLATs & Cooperation; the “G-8” and the “Contact Group 24/7”. 

                                                            Donald K. Piragoff, Senior General Counsel, Criminal Law policy Section, Department of Justice, Canada

June 24, 2003 (Day 2)

9:00-10:00                   Presentation by ISP on Law Enforcement and Industry Cooperation

                                    Hemanshu Nigam, Corporate Attorney, MSN/Hotmail

                                    Elizabeth Banker, Associate General Counsel, Yahoo

10:00-10:15                 Break

10:15-12:30                 Consideration of recommendations

12:30-14:00                 Break

14:00-16:00                 Continue consideration of recommendations

16:00-16:15                 Break

16:15-17:00                 Final reading and adoption of recommendations

17:00-17:30                 Other Business:

·        Cyber-security Conference, Buenos Aires, 28-29 July 2003.

·        Future Meetings of Experts Groups, consideration of proposed 2004 meeting.

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