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AG/RES. 1756 (XXX-O/00)
6 June 2000
Original: Spanish



(Resolution adopted at the fourth plenary session, held on June 6, 2000)


CONVINCED of how important peace and security are to the progress and well-being of peoples;

RECALLING that the Charter of the Organization of American States indicates among its principles that controversies of an international character arising between two or more American States shall be settled by peaceful procedures, under international law and the treaties in force;

CONSIDERING that territorial disputes and disputes of any other nature should not affect the advancement and expansion of regional integration processes;

RECOGNIZING the efforts of the Organization to preserve peace and security in the Hemisphere; and

CONVINCED of the need to provide financial support to those member states experiencing problems in defraying the cost of proceedings to resolve territorial disputes among member states in a peaceful manner,


  1. To establish a permanent specific fund to provide member states of the Organization that so request with financial resources to assist with defraying the costs of proceedings previously agreed to by the parties for the peaceful resolution of territorial disputes among member states.
  2. To instruct the Secretary General to promote the raising and mobilization of funds from member states, permanent observers, other states, international financial institutions, national and international organizations, and other entities and persons for the financing of the fund.
  3. To instruct the Permanent Council to prepare and adopt guidelines for the operation of the fund, by October 31, 2000, in accordance with this resolution.
  4. To instruct the Secretary General to take steps regarding the allocation of the fund's resources, after they have been considered by the Permanent Council, until the guidelines indicated in preceding paragraph 3 have been adopted, and in keeping with operative paragraphs 1 and 2 of this resolution. The General Secretariat will administer the fund in accordance with applicable provisions of the General Standards to Govern the Operations of the General Secretariat.
  5. To request the Permanent Council to report to the General Assembly on the implementation of this resolution.
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