Inter-American Instruments

Inter-American Convention Against Corruption:
Text - Signatures & Ratifications

Inter-American Democratic Charter

General Assembly Resolutions:
AG/RES. 2219 (XXXVI-O/06)
AG/RES. 2222 (XXXVI-O/06)
..........(complete list)

Summits of the Americas:
IV Summit
Special Summit
III Summit
II Summit
I Summit

Conference of the States Parties to IACAC:
Declaration - Plan of Action

II Meeting of the Conference of States Parties to MESICIC:
Inter-American Program of Cooperation to Fight Corruption

Declaration on Security in the Americas


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IV Summit of the Americas, Mar del Plata, Argentina - Nov. 2005

Plan of Action


....To identify, before December 2006, specific initiatives for cooperation, and the exchange of experiences in the development of technical skills in our countries that contribute to the full application of the provisions of the Inter-American Convention Against Corruption, and the strengthening of its Implementation Follow-up Mechanism (MESICIC), giving special consideration to the recommendations to that effect arising from the first round of said Mechanism.

Declaration of Mar del Plata