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Theft (ICCS 0502)
“THEFT” (ICCS 0502) is defined as “Unlawfully taking or obtaining of property with the intent to permanently withhold it from a person or organization without consent and without the use of force, threat of force or violence, coercion or deception”.
INCLUSIONS: Theft of personal property (05022) where entry was lawfully gained; theft of personal property from a person (050221) or from a vehicle (050222); other theft of personal property (050229); theft of business property (05023); theft of movable public property that is not a vehicle (05024); theft of livestock (05025); theft of services (05026); Other acts of theft NOT involving the use of force or threat of force against a person (05029): theft of mail; theft by conversion.
EXCLUSIONS: “Theft” excludes Burglary (0501); Robbery (0401), and Theft of a motorized vehicle or parts thereof (05021), which are recorded separately. It also excludes possession of stolen goods or money; receiving, handling, disposing, selling or trafficking stolen goods; using stolen parts for producing other goods; concealment of stolen goods (0704); obtaining money or other benefit or evading a liability through deceit or dishonest conduct (0701); property damage (0504); theft of intellectual property (0503); identity theft (07019)

[Source: International Classification of Crime for Statistical Purposes (ICCS), UNODC, Mar 2015, p.58. Web:]
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