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Serious assault (ICCS 020111)
“SERIOUS ASSAULT” (ICCS 020111) is defined as “Intentional or reckless application of serious physical force inflicted upon the body of a person resulting in serious bodily injury”.
“Acting recklessly”, at minimum, is acting without thinking or caring about the consequences of an action.
“Serious bodily injury”, at minimum, includes gunshot or bullet wounds; knife or stab wounds; severed limbs; broken bones or teeth knocked out; internal injuries; being knocked unconscious; and other severe or critical injuries.
INCLUSIONS: Inflicting grievous bodily harm; wounding; aggravated assault; inflicting bodily harm under aggravating circumstances; battery; acid attacks; female genital mutilation; poisoning; assault with a weapon; forced sterilization; taking human blood, organs or tissues by use of violence.
"Forced sterilization" means performing surgery which has the purpose or effect of terminating a woman or man’s capacity to naturally reproduce without his or her prior and informed consent or understanding of the procedure.
EXCLUSIONS: Serious Threat (020121) defined as “Threat to cause death or inflict serious bodily injury”; torture (11011); serious assault leading to death (0101); all injurious acts of a sexual nature (03); using force to take property (04); using threat of force to demand a particular course of action from a person (0205); Minor Assault (020112) defined as “Intentional or reckless application of minor physical force inflicted upon the body of a person resulting in no injury or minor bodily injury; simple assault pushing, slapping, kicking, hitting; drugging or spiking”.

[Source: International Classification of Crime for Statistical Purposes (ICCS), UNODC, Mar 2015, p.37 incl. footnotes 54,55,56. Web:]
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