Commission interaméricaine des droits de l'homme (CIDH):

Audiences publiques

Protection of children in Mexico: forced recruitment and disappearances

Case 13.615 - Miskitu Indigenous Community of Tasbapounie; Afro-descendant Community of Monkey Point; Rama Indigenous People, Black Creole Community of Bluef, Nicaragua

Judicial Independence in Costa Rica

Gender and the Peace Accords, Colombia

Case 13.627 - Carlos Alberto Moyano Dietrich vs Peru

Case 13.388 Fernando Aguirre et al (53 deposed members of Congress) vs Ecuador

Violations of the human rights of persons deprived of their liberty in Honduras

Effects on the right to education, academic freedom and university autonomy in Venezuela

Humanitarian emergency in Venezuela

Allegations of restrictions on freedom of expression in Brazil

Police violence against African descent people in Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo, Brazil

Situation of indigenous peoples in Bolivia

Situation of human rights in Bolivia

Human rights violations in the electoral context in Bolivia

Human rights situation of Venezuelan migrants in Ecuador

Asylum and refugee systems in the face of humanitarian situations in the region

The ESCR of the LGBTI population in the Americas

Human rights situation of women, youth and activists in Cuba

Creation of the Extraordinary Forensic Identification Mechanism, Mexico