DREAMS IN THE MIDDLE OF THE WORLD [Sueños en la mitad del mundo] Director Carlos Naranjo Estrella

PRODUCTION CO Grupo Alyaz, Grupo Equinoccio, Alfredo Marcovici L. PRODUCER María Elena Sánchez, Alfredo Marcovici L. SCREENPLAY Fabian Iriarte, Jorge Vivanco, Carlos Naranjo CINEMATOGRAPHY José García Galisteo EDITOR Miguel Angel Santamaría ART DIRECTION Roberto Prisone MUSIC Claudio Jácome, Hugo Idrovo, Abdulah Arellano CAST Héctor Alterio, Concha Cuetos, Santiago Naranjo. 1999, Color, 90 min. Spanish with titles.

A bus named "Sueños" links three stories: *So what is that blonde gringa (actually she's from Sevilla) doing in that remote village? Is she really just giving piano lessons? *The professor has problems: What's that nightmare mean? Who's calling his wife? Who's trying to give him a painting? And why'd that other beautiful blonde jump into his taxi? *The great Hector Alterio's got problems at his seaside resort—how to save his son-in-law from the dreaded, man-luring guadagnó.


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